The Lumo API provides access to detailed user activity with 5 minute resolution as well as access to user profile information, such as height, weight, gender,etc. Access to all these resources is made through OAuth2, where it is restricted by the scopes you request for your application.

Getting Started

Create an account on our developer portal here: Login with your new account information and you will presented with the app dashboard which will display an overview of all apps you create. Use the “Create a new app” link to begin setting the parameters of your new app. On the app creation page you will need to specify the name for your application, the website for your app or company, the OAuth2 callback URL you wish to use, a brief description of your app, and the level of access(scopes) that your application needs. The description you give will appear on the authorization dialog that users are presented with to grant your app permission to access their data. If you change the scopes assigned to your app after users have already granted you access, their tokens will be invalidated (to prevent unauthorized privilege escalation). The list of endpoints with their required scopes is shown below:

  • /users/me/ requires read_profile scope to GET and write_profile scope to PUT
  • /users/me/activities/steps requires read_activity to GET
  • /users/me/activities/calories requires read_activity to GET
  • /users/me/activities/distance requires read_activity to GET
  • /users/me/activities/posture requires read_activity to GET