The API provides access to data from our earlier device the Lumo Back by specifying a datasource value of LUMO_BACK. All requests for Lumo Back data follow the same format used to request data from Lumo Lift but the responses will contain a different set of fields. Due to its more constrained position on the body, the Lumo Back is able to provide a wider range of activity codes than the Lumo Lift. The exact list of activities available is documented below

Lumo Back Posture values:


A typical response from the /posture endpoint for Lumo Back might look like:

{ "data": [
{ "dataSource": "LUMO_BACK", "dataType": "BAD_SITTING_POSTURE_LEFT", "value": 3, "localTime": 1391689500 },
{ "dataSource": "LUMO_BACK", "dataType": "GOOD_SITTING_POSTURE", "value": 111, "localTime": 1391689500 },
{ "dataSource": "LUMO_BACK", "dataType": "BAD_STANDING_POSTURE_BACKWARD", "value": 3, "localTime": 1391689500 } ],
"metadata": { "next": 0 } }